Taste & Quality

Ελαιώνες Μερκούρη - Παρθένο Ελαιόλαδο με μοναδική γεύση και ποιότητα

Very many years of experience in cultivating koroneiki olives, ensure that this cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil has organoleptic qualities of rare excellence - an assertive green colour, a characterful aroma and a pleasant hint of bitterness.

It contains, besides the basic antioxydants as phenols and Vitamin E, high levels in oleokanthal with strong anti-inflammatory properties and pungent taste as also high levels in oleacin the strongest antioxydant substance of the olive oil with bitter taste. Both oleokanthal and oleacin are polyphenols.

With 20gr (4 tablespoons) daily consumption we obtain the optimum quantity

The olive oil is checked and certified from DIO (Certification company for organic products).