Our Company

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The olive oil of the private company MERCOURI OLIVE GROVES is a product from a part of "Mercouri's" property with a 150 year tradition in the production of wines, dried black currants and extra virgin olive oil. 

The property is located near the village Korakochori of Ileia on the western coast of Peloponnese and is 25km far from Ancient Olympia

In the year 1995 Christine Mercouri-Frangou began the production of organic extra virgin olive oil in her part of the property.


Our Philosophy

Homeodynamic methods are followed since 2004 in the cultivation of the olive trees. Those are based in the principles laid down by Austrian philosopher R.Steiner (1861-1925 Biodynamic Theory) and have been developed by "Eureka" Institute in Trieste - Italy as homeodynamic ones from Enzo Nastati. In their world view plant's health as well its nutritive value, comes from harmonious dialogue with both earth and universe.

To achieve this homeodynamic preparates - derived from natural substances - in minimal quantities are used. They carry messages to the plants through solution and dynamisation in the water.

By sprinkling the plants or the trees with those solutions, we succed to stimulate the inherent but hidden capacities of the trees:

  • The proceedings for the formation of humus in the soil
  • The main functions of the plants (flower bearing, fruitfullness, ripening)
  • The resistance to the parasites (insects and fungus)
  • Activation of the proceedings for pourification of the toxic remainings in the soil, in the plants, in the water.


We have thus the most enviromental friendly methods to produce pure product of highest quality, our homeodynamic extra virgin olive oil.